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Prey  - Andrea Speed Reviewing this book is difficult for me because I really really had hard time getting into it. As it was for my quaterly challenge, I did not want to give up.
I finally finished it this week but had to wait some time to see which feelings still lingered after a few days. What a surprise for me when today (after reading 2 other books) I'm in a hurry to read its sequel!

I'm gonna try explaining as clearly as possible.
"Infected: Prey" are 2 great stories: the writing is smart, the characters development is subtle, unexpected. The succession of events that help in their evolution (and make them more interesting) made me forget the linear aspect of the plot (although well put together).
But what bothered me at the beginning?
As all authors, Andrea Speed uses lots of images and similes to describe characters, places ... That's normal. But there were so many of them in this book!! For each description there was lots of comparisons and those were mainly in relation with someone or something really English?

Here is a sample picked from 2 or 3 pages of the entire book:
"a mustache that was a quarter inch short of a Fu Manchu"
Bat Boy Becomes Secretary of Agriculture”
"...who worked for the IMF"
"God, he looked like the middle manager of a paper company in Slough on casual day"
"...if he’d been white, he could very well have been Joe Friday"
and so on...

For someone like me whom English is not their first language and who has not this whole culture, the reading was really tedious. Having to check Google or Wikipedia at every page wasn't motivating!! And understanding half of it was unnerving.
This has caused lots of interferences. I really don't know _ maybe it's my lack of general knowledge? Or maybe it just put the finger on my limitations in English.

Anyway, overall I gave it 4 stars: minus a tedious reading, I loved the whole no-HEA-for-infected-shapeshifters.