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Oleander House  - Ally Blue I like to read stories about shapeshifters, demons but this one is my first real ghost-story.
I wanted to try it because i liked some of Ally Blue's stories and i've read lots of good reviews about this serie.

I'll say that i was really pleased but surprised to find myself liking the plot a lot: i liked it more than the romance itself!

For the romance i would give only 2 stars because i had hard time finding Bo loveable! I really like Sam's character through.
But i did not felt much chemistry bettween them and i was exasperated by most of their interactions.

What gives this book its worth is the paranormal investigation and all the questions and feelings i brought to me!
I'm not a believer in those things but Ally Blue got me bad! I found my self having goosebumps or standing up whenever i hear something.
I made a fool of myself (as always)...lol.

Only because of it, i'll give 5 stars and i bought right away the sequels! I have to know what is this Thing...

I recommend this book to those who like to read a well written story that brings new emotions.