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Bound by Blood  - Jourdan Lane If you like a great gay-paranormal (vampires, werewolfs...)ROMANCE and don't mind hot sex with multiples partners and LOTS of blood, this book is for you.

The bond between Peter and Lucien is strong right at the beginning: i liked both of them a lot but i was really glad that Peter wasn't a pet in this story. He is strong-minded and a real human-alpha that matches Lucien in every part of their relationship. He is a real equal to the vampire.

Lucien is what i would call an "adorable" master vampire (lol) with all the darkness around him: he is stubborn, overbearing, masterful but so much in love and insecure. Can't help but fall for him...

The pace of the story was really good and it is really well written.
We discover lots of things (about Lucien, vampires and their world) all through the story. Nothing was rushed.

I was so in to it that i did not felt the 240 pages!