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Man To Man - G.A. Hauser Why did I waited so long to read this one!

This is the kind of books I like: a gay for you story with funny repartee, situations and characters which I do not expect. The sexual tension between Josh and Tanner is intense from the start and the author managed to brought it to higher level.

Tanner is completely lost in this new situation: recently divorced and knowing exactly what he expects from his life and what he does not! And the sexy Josh arrives, comes boldly on to him and the straight guy realizes that he loves it. It's hard to accept: life is not a straight road to follow, there are many bifurcations that can also lead us to happiness. He just have to dive into the unknown and it is frightening, but often it's worth the try.
Josh surprised me by his extreme sensitivity and his great patience. He is a loveable person.I fell for him and at times I would have liked to be in place of Tanner and be subject to such devotion (just kidding!).

Amazing story and I'm going for the sequels immediatly!