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Phantom Lover - A.J. Llewellyn This story is written by Bobby "Lopaka" point of vue.

Bobby is a young hawaïan hula dancer who fall in love with the man of his fantasy: Kimo Wilder, the number one dancer in Hawaï and a powerful priest.
Trough his words as he relate this story, i couldn't help loving Lopaka a lot. He is all male but sweet and sensible. He is dedicated to his family and friends but is lucid about them. He is mature enough to follow his heart even when he knows he'll end up hurt.
And that's what happens to him. A lot!

Trough his "eyes", we discover a Kimo that is really far away from being the perfect lover: he is straight, married and is known to have never betrayed his wife. So his new relation and feelings for Lopaka are difficult for him. He make big mistakes that always end up hurting Lopaka.
But his bond with the gay-man is special and he learn it the hard way.

Bobby accept all his flaws as he says: "you're My asshole". I don't know why but i found it really endearing. (I'm weird, i know)
He loves wholeheartely and his relationship with Kimo is HOT.

There are some paranormal events that we assist trough Bobby's eyes. There are not much but they have a big part in the story and add a beautiful dimension to the story.

I really liked A.J. Llewellyn's writing and found the book well-paced. All the words he used are important but there are no useless ones. I went trough the 266 pages easily and wasn't bored even a minute.

This is really a beautiful story with a new univers and new culture to discover.
The sex is really really really HOT!!! I had to reread some scenes because they were so beautiful!

I have to warn you that there is 2 threesomes in the story (for those who don't like it). I don't mind them (like them even) but the first one did bothered me (you'll have to read it to find out).

Because of it i would have given 4,5 stars but i put 5 because, on the emotionnal level, i was really hooked.