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ReneCade - Cameron Dane Renecade is a superb story, really moving and intense.I was swept away by the characters really fast.

Cade is a sweet and reserved man but someone who need love. A very bad experience in the past push him somehow to keep away from everyone and to trust no one.
Ren is a young stud who seems full of life and confidence but he is extremely insecure.

Their connection is intense and fragile at the same time, their need for
each other makes them both frightened and clumsy.
I thought "it will take years" (lol).

But even if the word "L" was not pronounced (or much less thought) i could feel it.
It was like: "i want you, i'm falling in love with you, so stay away from me but i can't take my hands off you"!!

Then "the mistake" is done and it hurt so much...
I cried a lot till the end...

There is a back story (about sabotage) that has a surprising end.

Highly recommended!!!