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Happy Ending - L.B. Gregg The story is written in the first person by Seth's point of vue: so while following his thoughts, i found him awfully blunt, sarcastic, quick on making judgements and a real control freak.
But his actions are all about "passion and loyalty".

David, with his tattoes and piercings, seems at first (always by seth's pov!!) to be a guy with no real purpose in life.
Seth is attracted to him but with all the things that happened to him he doesn't know how to act on it and always end up being an ass!!!
But David is full of surprises and has a hell of character.

I won't spoil the fun by revealing too much because discovering all about him and reading about Seth's reactions was really funny.
Their meetings and interactions was electric and full of mistakes. Nothing went as it should have been and i liked that!!

the book was fun, quick read. I'll give 4 because i think it deserved to have some more chapters about their relationship and not only about the crappy things going on in Seth's life.