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Adder - Ally Blue This story was nice, fast read and the pace was OK.
So it’s not the story but the characters I had problems with…

I liked Adder’s character (in the first half): he is the type of guy we don't have usually in romances.
He stand out for being egoistic, egocentric, sarcastic about everything except music, someone who likes to play a lot (fans, friends) ; no commitments and no particular reasons for this choice.
He admits being a “slut” and is completely dedicated to his music.
But we can’t hate him or despise him: he is somehow funny and likeable through all his flaws.

Kalil is extremely annoying: he appears at first to be sweet, strong willed but all his actions prove wrong: in one paragraph he wants something and two pages later he wants the contrary. I found him most of the time changeable and capricious.

No chemistry at all between them, even when they have sex, and Ally Blue skipped through their possible chemistry in music.

At some point I found myself beginning to analyze all their reactions and then I said to myself: Stop, it's ok, let's finish it…

And then Adder does something really strange and Kalil’s reaction to it is even more disturbing: it all went against their character sketch!!
I would say that fortunately it happened in the last pages of the story, otherwise there was no way I would have finished it.

For me it was really 2 stars but gave 3 because I managed to finish it and I had a little fun reading the first half.

Maybe the words didn’t go through…

For those who like Ally blue's stories (I’m one of them too!!), you can give it a try because as an example I never finished “The Happy Onion » and it is really high rated.