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Between Friends - Sean Michael Really a great story.
There's so many things i'd like to say about this story, but i can't find the right words without giving spoilers; so my review will be short.
2 couples and 2 set of friends who are coping with the after-effect of a tragedy...
Sean Michael tells us this story differently: he takes us inside their life, inside their hearts, trying to deal with every day life, trying to believe that "everything is all right".
If we believe it hard enough, it has to be true???
I really liked the characters: we feel their love, we feel their frienship. They are different but so lovable, each one on his own way.
But i will say that my preference goes to Sammy. Sammy is special: when all I wanted to do was to cry or shout or whatever, Sammy was there to make me laugh till my belly hurts.