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Rush in the Dark - Lynn Lorenz A sweet romantic story! But you won't be bored...

The interactions between the two lovers are really realistic with Brian and his "i don't want to be treated like a booty call" but can't help himself from forgiving Rush the unforgivable! He is gay and proud to be, romantic and likes sex a lot. He wants a real opened relationship and is ready to fight for it.
He is patient but with his ability, you can't fool him...

Rush is Mr "I'm always screwing up" : he is so much in love but so much scared, so much in the closet.
Like Brian, i don't understand why i can't hate him when he's acting like a A-grade a***

I really liked this story and the involvement of the main characters of "Soul Bond" was not bad. I like them more in this sequel and their presence in this book is both physical and emotional.
I give only 4 stars because at some point i thought that they were stealing the show from Brian and Rush.

Let's just say that i enjoyed watching Rush and Brian falling in love and trying to understand each other.