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Blind Desire - I.D. Locke Blind Desire is a beautiful story: i would say sweet but it's hard to use this word when you have both protagonist that are anything but mean!

Ryzel is a demon (an incubus) and, as he says himself, a demon always lie and always do bad things: It's their nature.
Quinlin is a human, a gifted one: he is blind but can see auras of living things. He is far from a dependant and weak guy: he is most of the times pissed at someone or something. His real purpose in life is being obnoxious.

Their background and experiences are different but i found lots of similarities in their personality: they are both ill-mannered (but only toward people they don't care), stubborn, excessively proud and not easily scared. Even if they are, they would die before showing it.
Fortunately, they don't have defauts only: they are true to the people they love, caring, honest (only when needed for Ryzel...lol).

I loved them, A LOT. I laughed a lot reading about them.

Their interactions are explosive verbally and sexually. They play cat and mouse. Ryzel wants Quinlin and is perseverant. Quinlin wants Ryzel but he is a controlfreak and don't want to appear weak: so he is mean, play hard to get...
But fate plays tricks on them: they won't play for long...

The secondary characters are really fun to discover and give us great dialogues. The story is very well paced.

An amazing story: i had great moments reading it.