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When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling - Tom  Collins,  Thirteen First of all i have to admit that it was a little difficult for me to get used to the writing of this story: i'm always impatient, so having to read the same scene again by the point of view of the other main character bothered me a little.

But i wanted to know what brought so many people to like this story a lot and i forced myself to continue: what a wonderful surprise!!

Oliver: 22 and too mature for his age, gay and lonely, sensible and reserved.
Liam: 19 and impulsive, straight but..., outgoing and true to himself and to others.

Their relationship begun with Liam falling hard for Oliver and he'll do everything trying to fit in whatever relation Oliver want to have with him.
And Oliver falling for him too but thinking (and resigned) to be merely an "experiment" for the Straight-Liam.
Their differences made them do stupid things, make a fool of themselves (on this one, the champion is Liam!!!), try to repress their inner feelings and needs...

And all of that made them insecure and take wrong decisions and wrong assumptions...
I liked them both a lot.

The secondary characters have a strong place in the story. They are a big part of Liam and Oliver's life but not in a wrong way: they add a lot of fun and sweetness in the story.

A beautiful story. There are loving moments, funny ones, angsty ones; all of that beautifully told.